Introducing Cogito Summit Selection (and our first anaerobic coffee)


We are pleased to introduce Daniela Gutierrez Anaerobic, the first of our Summit Selection coffees. All of the coffees in this program will be available exclusively in Cogito Coffee Shop locations.

The coffees we will be featuring are exclusive in the sense that they are very small lots (limited quantities) and that they showcase unique cupping notes, processing methods, farming practices, and/or varieties. The Costa Rica we are offering as the first coffee in the program fits most of these categories.

Daniela Gutierrez Anaerobic

This is the first year Daniela tried to process some coffees anaerobically. She started by selecting only the ripest cherries, first leaving them overnight in a dry fermentation tank. The next morning the cherries were depulped, but the mucilage was left in with the parchment coffee and then combined with a tropical fruit mix made out of pineapple and passion fruit. The beans and fruit mix were then placed inside a closed container with plenty of fresh cold water and left to ferment for five days.


Tasting Notes

Unsurprisingly, the cup is full of lush tropical fruit, with smooth body and nice structure. The anaerobic fermentation manifests a lot of sweetness and very little of the fermented flavor (β€˜funk’) that is sometimes dominant in this processing method. We are loving the bright flavors in this coffee and hope that you will, too!