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Our green coffee beans are transparently sourced from tropical growing regions around the world and are purchased seasonally by specialty coffee traders in Europe. We pay premium prices because we believe it is essential that coffee producers are compensated fairly for high quality beans. 

The commitment to quality extends from tree to cup: coffee trees must be planted and tended with great care and skill. Coffee cherries should be handpicked at the height of ripeness to ensure proper sugar content. Processing, whether wet or dry method, must be executed in precisely the right way. Storage, shipment, roasting, cupping, grinding, extraction - each step is vital in order to achieve the best-tasting final cup.

All of us at Cogito are just one link in this chain of producers, and each person along the way plays an invaluable role. By drinking and supporting Cogito Coffee, you are also joining this global community - one dedicated to quality, relationship and respect.